Why Choose SLI

The School of Language International (SLI) is a vibrant language centre which provides a serious and professional – but also enjoyable and fun! – learning environment.

Here you will have the opportunity to learn a new language while experiencing the delights of an exciting and cosmopolitan city – Singapore!

Lessons are conducted by qualified and experienced language teachers who hail from countries all over the world.

In terms of teaching staff and materials, we offer you the best – so that you will get the most value and benefit from your time with us.


Quality teachers

Our expert teachers hail from a variety of countries, including the UK, the US, South Africa, Canada and China. Though coming from different places, they all share the same passion for languages and an enthusiasm for teaching and learning.

This passion and enthusiasm are combined in our commitment to excellence and professionalism.

And this means that you can count on us for a unique learning experience – one which is not only rigorous but also fun and enjoyable!


Our Expert Teachers 


Quality teaching

Our experienced and qualified teachers employ modern and effective teaching methods to deliver well-planned and enjoyable lessons adapted to all proficiency levels. We also limit class sizes in order to maximize interaction during lessons. This not only allows students to practise the target language in class but also motivates them to use it in their daily life. Our approach is aimed at achieving concrete results, making communication the priority.


Our Teaching Method


Last but not least, our courses are flexible and can be tailor-made according to your needs. 

SLI is an established but dynamic and growing language school – a place with passion, personality and professionalism. 

So join us – today.