Available : All Year
Lesson length : 2 hours
Frequency : 1/ 2/ 5 times a week
Level : Beginner to Advanced
Starts : Every month
School Fee : Intensive class: $520/2 weeks (Mon to Fri)

Twice a week:    $990/ 10 weeks

Once a week:    $520/ 10 weeks


Available : All year
Lesson Length : 2 hours
Frequency : Once or twice a week
Level : HSK 1 to 6
Starts : Every 10 weeks
School Fee : Twice a week: $990/ 10 weeks

Once a week: $520/ 10 weeks

Customised lessons: $1590/20hrs




Available : All year
Lesson Length : Flexible, but usually 2 hours
Frequency : Flexible
Level : Elementary to Advanced
Starts : Every week
Packages : Class size of 1 pax:            S$1790/20hrs

Class size of 2-3 pax:         S$2090/20hrs

Class size of 4 to 5 pax:     S$2290/20hrs

Class size of more than 5: please contact for quotation

Please call 62255988 for other customised packages to suit the needs of your company.


Available : All year
Lesson Length : 1.5 hours
Frequency : Once a week
Level : K2 to G12
Starts : Every week
School Fee :  

Group Class: $400 for 10 lessons

Private Class: $920 for 10 hours



Available : All year
Lesson length : 90 minutes and above
Length : Minimum 10 hours
Level : Beginner to Advanced
Starts : Any-time
School Fee : Mon to Fri (Lessons before 6 p.m.)

S$920/ 10hrs; S$1590/ 20hrs; S$2290/ 30hrs

Mon to Fri (Lessons after 6 p.m.) & Sat

S$1090/ 10hrs; S$1790/ 20hrs; S$2490/ 30hrs


Business Mandarin (Chinese)

Available : All Year
Lesson Length : 2 hours (5 mins break in between)
Frequency : Twice or three times a week
Length : Minimum 4 weeks
Level : Between Elementary and Advanced
Starts : Every week
Course Fees : Group Lesson (SkillFuture approved)

Once a week (2hrs per lesson)

S$560/ 12 weeks

1-1 Private Lesson

$1590 to $1790 for 20 hours

* Free make-up lessons available




Online Mandarin Lessons

Available : All Year
Lesson Length : 1-1      Min 1 hour online

Group 2 hrs a lesson

Frequency : Suited to your schedule
Length : Minimum 4 weeks
Level : Between Elementary and Advanced
Starts : Every week
Course Fees : Group Lesson 

$520/ 10 lessons (2hrs per lesson)

Check the schedule


1-1 or 1-2 Private Lesson

$850 (10 hrs)

$1390 (20 hrs)

* Free make-up lessons available



Language International - The Best Mandarin Classes in Singapore

Since opening up to foreign trade and investment and implementing free-market reforms in the 1970s, China has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies. With the increase in international trade relations with China or businesses in China, it has become increasingly important to learn some basic Mandarin to better communicate with the Chinese.

Here at School of Language International (SLI), we have an expansive list of Mandarin classes that we offer to cater to the different needs of many learners in Singapore. Our Chinese courses offered in Singapore include basic conversational MandarinMandarin for corporate purposesbusiness Mandarin and more.

Furthermore, it is definitely possible to learn Chinese quickly in Singapore since our learners have plenty of opportunities to practice outside of class when they are ordering food at the food court or simply by conversing with their colleagues in Mandarin. However, if in any case you have to acquire basic conversational skills of Chinese language in a short period of time, we also offer intensive Mandarin lessons that can be completed in the duration of 2 weeks (5 lessons/week).

To find out the specifics and structure of all our Mandarin courses, simply browse through our course catalogue.

We Teach not only Adults but Children too!

Worried that your children will not be able to do well in Singapore schools without a second-language like Chinese? Sign them up for our Mandarin course for children at SLI now. With courses available for children from the age of Kindergarten 2 to Grade 12 and our experienced teachers, your child will be able to learn the basics of Mandarin swiftly and be able to catch up with their Singaporean peers in no time.

Other than academics, your child will also be at an advantage when it comes to picking up Mandarin in Singapore, as they will also be able to practice the language in school with their peers during Chinese lessons every day.