Our Teaching Method

Our Teaching Method for Students Learning English, Mandarin, Japanese and Other Languages


At School of Language International, we follow a communicative and holistic framework which aims to develop all four language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.  To this end, we employ not only tried and tested course books from reputable sources such as Oxford, Cambridge and National Geographic, but also include authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers, videos and the internet, as and when needed.


Lessons are always conducted in an engaging and relevant manner, whereby students learn vocabulary and grammar in the context of interesting topics ranging from everyday life to world affairs.


We also value the exchange of ideas and knowledge, and thus encourage lively discussions in class. In this way, students not only master language skills but also learn more about other cultures and the bigger world around us.


Finally, through individual effort and group work, including diverse tasks and projects, our students not only learn proper grammar, pronunciation and sentence structure, but also become effective communicators who know how to express themselves in an accurate and appropriate way.