Business English for Career Success

Short Term or Part-time Business English Course for Career Success

If you would like more individual attention, a faster rate of improvement and to improve your career prospects, this business English course is the perfect option for you.

Class sizes are small, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to your linguistic needs while giving you more time for the personal attention you need.


Reasons to take this course:

●      You prefer small class sizes with a maximum of eight students

●      You want to learn practical and effective business communication skills

●      You are Intermediate to Advanced level

●      You want to put your message across elegantly and effectively

●      You want to refine and improve your business English for the following skills:

  1. Dealing with communication  breakdown
  2. Networking
  3. Formal emails and action minutes
  4. Negotiating
  5. Cold-calling
  6. Reaching agreement
  7. Letter & report writing
  8. Presentations
  9. Resolving conflict
  10. Asking and answering difficult questions
  11. Deal with customer complains and crisis



All year

Lesson Length


2 hours



12 weeks



Intermediate to Advanced



Every week

Course Fees


Group English Lessons

     Once a week: S$560/ 12 weeks

     Twice a week: S$980/12 weeks

Private or 1-1 Customised English Lessons: 

     $800 for 10 hours or $1500 for 20 hours

* Free make-up lessons are available


Business English class


Features of this course

Corporate contexts

This course focuses on areas such as:

●    The language of business meetings

●    Small business talks

●    Making presentations

●    Critical thinking and problem solving

●    Conducting negotiations

●    Writing reports, emails and letters

Gain fluency quickly

The flexibility of our teachers plus a small class size means you will progress faster. Lots of engagement means you will improve your response time, which is essential for fluency.

Gain confidence

In a smaller group you will enjoy stronger relationships within your class. Your confidence will grow as you have more opportunities to interact with your classmates and teacher.

Learn by doing

We believe you learn best when you are engaged in discussion and taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, there will not be a moment when you are not directly involved in the class.

Authentic materials

In addition to textbooks, your teachers will refer to authentic resources such as newspapers, videos, internet and audio recordings.


See the scheduleSee the scheduleR
Level Frequency Start Date Duration Fee (SGD)
Intermediate I to Advanced II Once a Week (Available all year round) 12 weeks $560


Intermediate I to Advanced II

Once a Week (Available all year round)


12 weeks