Available : All Year
Lesson length : 2 hours
Frequency : Once or twice or five times a week
Level : Beginner to Advanced
Starts : Every month
School Fee : Intensive class: $480/2 weeks (Mon to Fri)

Twice a week:    $890/ 10 weeks

Once a week:    $480/ 10 weeks

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Conversational Mandarin Chinese for Adults in Singapore- from Basic Mandarin to Advanced Mandarin


There are many new classes starting in every month. Please join us today to learn and appreciate the beauty of Chinese language and culture.

Looking for the best place to learn conversational Chinese in Singapore? If you would like more individual attention and a faster rate of improvement, this class is a perfect option for you. Be prepared for lots of fun and sharing of Chinese culture.

The class sizes are small, allowing experienced Mandarin teachers to tailor lessons to your linguistic needs, while giving you more time for the personal attention you need. This is actually the best group Mandarin class for adult learners to master basic Chinese speaking in a short term, especially the basic Mandarin learners. These conversational Mandarin Chinese classes are very practical and helpful for expatriates, travellers, professionals and Mandarin language lovers.

Reasons to take this course:

–You wish to improve your mandarin level significantly in a short time

–You wish to learn from highly qualified Native Chinese teachers

–You wish benefit from greater individual attention and practical Mandarin lessons

–You are motivated and committed to learning Chinese and its beautiful rich culture

–There are many levels of Chinese language courses: from Mandarin basic level to advanced level



Class Type

Intensive class, Twice a week, Once a week