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10 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English in Singapore .

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ten tips to improve your spoken English in Singapore:

1.Get out of your comfort zone & make friends with people of different nationalities. Use English instead of your mother tongue :)

2.     Listen to well-spoken English, English drama and English radio stations (e.g. Gold 90.5 FM, Kiss 92 FM, Class 95 FM, Power 98 FM and so on).

3.     Read out loud to grow in confidence. Use your listening ability to potentially strengthen your memory and correct the pronunciation. 

4.     Speak English clearly to be understood.

5.     Study frequently. Spend a little time each day in learning a new language. Not once a week!

6.     Bedtime review. Some people found that review to five minutes before going to sleep can enhance memory.

7.     Find a practice partner. Correct each other’s mistake.

8.     Read to improve your English. It also helps to expand your vocabulary, so you will not be out of words to elaborate a point or give information.

9.     Learn from an experienced and qualified teacher, who can understand your learning needs and teach you to converse English confidently.

10.  Last but not least, join our English class in a small group size. There are five levels, from Elementary to Advanced. You can make friends of different nationalities while enjoying learning and improving your English in a small group. Call us at 62255988 today for more information!