Available : All year
Lesson Length : 2 hours
Length : 12 weeks
Level :  Advanced
Starts : Every week
Course Fee :  Once a week: S$560/ 12 weeks

Private 1-1 Lesson: $800/ 10hrs



Refining English Grammar and Business Writing Skills

Writing made fun and powerful; this class will help students express themselves, their ideas and their expertise with the world around them.  With an easy-to-read text book and a teacher well versed in writing academic and business material, students will discover how to release their inner writer!

It also will help to refine grammatical structure, so you can achieve coherence and grammatical accuracy in your writing.


Reasons to take this course

●      You prefer small class sizes with a maximum of eight students

●      You need individual attention and assistance correcting your mistakes and bad habits in English grammar & writing

●      Our course will bolster confidence and accuracy in email, report or essay writing


Features of this course

Critical thinking skills

Challenging discussions and analysis of texts creates the perfect environment for personal growth in communication and writing.

Deconstructing grammar

Promoting understanding of the English language through the understanding, use, and misuse of grammar and composition structures.

Sophisticated vocabulary

The utilization and maximization of subtlety and power through the application of precise and interesting vocabulary words in order to express exactly what is meant.

Pragmatic editing

Study the processes of writing, communicating, and articulating to better develop and build up powerful and compelling expression.

Authentic materials

In addition to textbooks, your teachers will refer to authentic resources such as newspapers, videos, internet and audio recordings.

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Course Type

Once a Week, Private


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