English for Kids

Meet a variety of English learning needs, including whole class, small group, and one-on-one instruction with SLI. Leveled classes target specific comprehensionand speaking skills and strategies, and others target phonics, alphabet, high-frequency words, poetry, vocabulary, and more. At SLI, we make young learners discover the love of English learning, boost their speaking confidence and direct them towards school grade improvement.

Reasons to take this course:

●     Promote the love of English by fun reading, role-playing and presentations 

●     Receive greater individual attention

●     Learn from experienced and qualified teachers

Available : All year
Lesson Length : 1.5 hours
Frequency : Once a week
Level : K2 to G12
Starts : Every week
School Fee



Group Class: $360 for 10 lessons

Private Class: $700 for 10 hours

Holiday Programme:

Mon to Fri: $280 per week (3hrs per lesson)

Mon to Fri: enjoy 10% off for 2 weeks and above registration



Features of this course

More individual attention

In a class of just three to six students, students will benefit from more individual contact with their teacher. He/ she will receive even more guidance, attention and feedback which are all specific advantages of a Premium English class.

Flexible and personal

Fewer class members allow lessons to take a natural flow. As students feel an increased sense of participation and motivation, the course will adapt to cover the language areas and skills that students need to focus on.

Gain fluency quickly

The flexibility of our teachers plus a small class size means you will progress faster. Lots of engagement means you will improve your response time, which is essential for fluency.

Gain confidence

In a smaller group students will enjoy stronger relationships within your class. His/ her confidence will grow as they have more opportunities to interact with classmates and teacher. And we also have selected many award winning teaching materials and stories to make their learning journey joyful and meaningful.


Free Sample Kids English Materials (26 Levels)

Level B: Animals Can Move

Level H: Brianstorm Bear


See the scheduleSee the scheduleR
Level Frequency Start Date Duration Fee (SGD)
K2 to G6 Once a week 10 weeks S$360


K2 to G6

Once a week


10 weeks