Business Mandarin Chinese

Business Mandarin Chinese Course

If you have completed the Survival Manadarin course or learned Chinese in the past and have a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words, and you need Business Mandarin for career success, this is the best course for you.

We use a wide range of practical and current teaching materials, including 'Winning in China' published by Beijing Language and Culture University. This course uses the training of the four basic communication skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing, in an effort to develop learners' Chinese communicative competence for business in real life.



All year

Lesson Length


2 hours



Once or twice a week



Elementary to Advanced



Every 12 weeks

School Fee


1) Group class :     $480/ 12 weeks (24hrs)

2) Customised class:

Mon to Fri (lessons before 6 p.m.)

S$800/ 10hrs; S$1400/ 20hrs; S$2000/ 30hrs

Mon to Fri (lessons after 6 p.m.) & Sat

S$850/10hrs; S$1600/20hrs; S$2250/30hrs



This course focuses on areas such as:

●      The Chinese language of business meetings

●      Chinese business culture and case study

●      Small business talks

●      Making presentations

●      Critical thinking and problem solving

●      Conducting negotiations

●      Writing reports, emails and letters


Topics for Elementary Level

Shopping (购物)

Shopping in Supermarket (附近有超市吗)

Where is the cashier (收银台在哪)




Is the airport far away from here (机场离这儿远吗)


Inviting somebody to dinner (请客和吃饭)


Would you please order your meal (请点菜)


Making an Appointment (预约)


Can I have your telephone number, please (您的电话号码是多少)

Are you free the day after tomorrow (后天您有空吗)

What’s up (您有什么事儿嘛)


Small Talks (聊天)

What will the weather be like tomorrow (明天天气怎么样)

It’s getting colder & colder (天气一天比一天冷)

Sports and hobbies (运动和爱好)

When did you begin to play golf (您是什么时候开始打高尔夫球的)



Topics for Intermediate Level 

We have covered the following topics for our Intermediate Level Learners. We can customise the topics based on your requirements.

Visiting a Factory (参观工厂)

Text 1: I hope I can visit your factory

Text 2: You have so many products

Business Negotiation (商务谈判)

Text 1: Pay attention to the negotiation skills

Text 2: We accept your offer

Method of Payment (支付方式)

Text 1: Now let’s talk about the method of payment

Text 2: Letter of credit

Lodging a Claim (索赔)

Text 1: We have decided to lodge a claim

Text 2: The headquarter has appointed me to handle the claim

Contract (合同)

Text 1: Sales confirmation

Text 2: Contract

An Interview (1) (面试)

Text 1: How does a company interview job applicants

Text 2: Recruitment advertisement

Text 3: Resume

An Interview (2) (面试)

Text 1: We will inform you later

Text 2: Who do you think is the most suitable

The Company Management (公司管理)

Text 1: Is there a restructuring going in your company as well

Text 2: I like my job very much

Corporate Culture (企业文化)

Text 1: These multinational companies are both globalised and localised

Text 2: Corporate culture bears upon the survival and development of an enterprise


Topics for Advanced Level 

We have covered the following topics for our Advanced Level Learners. Our trainers also can customise the topics based on your requirements.

Tendering and Bidding (招标投标)

Text 1: What documents are needed when submitting a tender

Text 2: Our company won the bid

Exclusive Agent (独家代理)

Text 1: We will develop the Shanghai market for your company

Text 2: Exclusive agency agreement

Market Research (市场调研)

Text 1: Today let’s talk about market research

Text 2: We will design the questionnaire as soon as possible

Sales Promotion (促销活动)

Text 1: All the stores are having sales promotion

Text2: Your ideas are great

Foreign Investment (外商投资

Text 1: I’ve been told that many new areas are open to foreign investment

Text 2: There is foreign investment in many places of China now

Making Investment Overseas (海外投资)

Text 1: Let’s enter the oversea market first

Text 2: when in Rome, do as the Romans do (入乡随俗)

Trademark Law and Intellectual Property (商标法和知识产权)

Text 1: Enterprises must have brand protection awareness

Text 2: Be the first one to say “No” to piracy


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Level Frequency Start Date Duration Fee (SGD)
Advanced Level Once a Week 12 weeks $480


Advanced Level

Once a Week


12 weeks