Conversational Chinese (Mandarin)

Conversational Chinese (Mandarin)

Happy Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭喜发财 means wish you to be prosperous in the New Year!) 

There are many new classes starting in Feb & join us today to appreciate the beauty of Chinese language and culture.

Looking for the best place to learn conversational Chinese in Singapore? If you would like more individual attention and a faster rate of improvement, this class is a perfect option for you. Be prepared for lots of fun and sharing of Chinese culture. 

The class sizes are small, allowing teachers to tailor lessons to your linguistic needs, while giving you more time for the personal attention you need. This is actually the best group Mandarin class for adult learners.

Reasons to take this course:

--You wish to improve your mandarin level significantly in a short time

--You wish to learn from high qualified Native Chinese teachers

--You wish benefit from greater individual attention and practical Mandarin lessons

--You are motivated and committed to learning Chinese and its beautiful rich culture

Available : All Year
Lesson length : 2 hours
Frequency : Once or twice or five times a week
Level : Beginner to Advanced
Starts : Every month
School Fee :

Intensive class: $480/2 weeks (Mon to Fri)

Twice a week:    $790/ 12 weeks

Once a week:    $480/ 12 weeks


Conversational mandarin classes


Features of this course


More individual attention

In a class of just 3 to 8 students you will benefit from more individual contact with your teacher. Get even more guidance, attention and feedback are all specific advantages of a Premium Chinese class.


Enjoy Chinese culture and history

All our Chinese teachers are passionate and experienced. You will learn not only the language skills, but also its interesting culture and history. This helps you to speak like a native speaker, not like a text book.


Gain fluency quickly

The flexibility of our teachers plus a small class size means you will progress faster. Lots of engagement means you will improve your response time, which is essential for fluency.


Gain confidence

In a smaller group, you will enjoy stronger relationships within your class. Your confidence will grow as you have more opportunities to interact with your classmates and teacher.


Make a short-term Conversational Mandarin Singapore Course part of your schedule when you are in Singapore. Get a taste of the Chinese language and learn the most important phrases that will help you better enjoy Singapore.

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레벨 횟수 시작날짜 기간 수업료 (SGD)
Elementary to Advanced Mon, 7pm-9pm 08 January 2018 12 weeks $480
Elementary to Advanced Tue, 7pm-9pm 27 February 2018 12 weeks $480
Elementary to Advanced Tue & Thu, 10am-12pm, or 2pm to 4pm 20 February 2018 12 weeks $790
Elementary to Advanced Mon to Fri, 10am-12pm 19 February 2018 2 weeks $480
Elementary to Advanced Wedn, 7pm-9pm 14 March 2018 12 weeks S$480
Elementary to Advanced II Mon to Fri, 10am-12nn 19 March 2018 2 weeks S$480


Elementary to Advanced

Wedn, 7pm-9pm


12 weeks


14 March 2018



Elementary to Advanced II

Mon to Fri, 10am-12nn


2 weeks


19 March 2018